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This is a full body workout – but unlike other workouts, simply put, IT’S FUN. Our classes combine cardio and strength training, toning muscles while burning fat. Class will begin with a warmup specific to kickboxing, followed by a combination of heavy bag work, strength training, plyometric and core training. (See CLASSES)

Here’s how it works: Please schedule your first class in advance, so that an instructor is available to get you started. You can do this by linking to our MindBody app, email us, or sending us a FB message. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early for some quick paperwork, and a brief tutorial on the mat before class starts – super important for a successful and FUN first class!

Your first 2 classes are $20 total, which includes a new pair of boxing gloves. Once you sign up for a program, you would apply the $20 toward its cost. (See PRICES)

Kickboxing Keene’s classes are for ALL FITNESS LEVELS. We will show you how to modify if you’re a beginner, or how to step it up if you’re an expert. Note, THERE IS NO PERSON TO PERSON CONTACT OR SPARRING in our classes.

Completely enjoying my experience at kickboxingKeene! I'm up here visiting my dad for a couple of weeks and was able to do a two-week pass here. The instructor and owner Kerry is AMAZING and she is giving my work out just the little bit more of a kick (pun intended!) than I usually give myself, so I'm really going to miss her when I go back to Florida!
Rachelle S — 5 star - September 27, 2017


Go-To Classes

  • As someone who just recently stopped being a competitive swimmer since the age of 5, it was a wonderful transition to find a workout that I love (almost!) as much! I am inspired by the fact that everyone in the room is at different levels of fitness and are at different points in their life, but not a single person finishes feeling unaccomplished! I rack up the sweat, feel great, and leave, knowing I'm getting stronger every class. - Sarah K - 5 star - March 6, 2015
  • Kickboxing Keene is a beautiful balance of physical and cardiovascular strengthening, coupled with (my personal favorite part) combinations on the heavy bag. No experience necessary (I can attest to that, having never thrown a punch in my life before my first class). Classes move along at a good pace, and I always leave sweat-soaked and happy! The instructors are wonderful! Very knowledgeable and encouraging, super friendly and so full of energy. You couldn't possibly ask for better people to teach you to kick ass! - Brian K - 5 star - September 8, 2015
  • Kerry is so amazing and encouraging! I had so much fun and a great workout. I will definitely be making kickboxing classes part of my routine. Hint: go in the morning to start your day right! - Maddy S - 5 star - May 11
  • One month into this serene city of Keene with nothing much to do after my job, I encountered a new place which I never planned to go to but joined just to kill some time. Soon this time killer activity of KICKBOXING turned into the most awaited activity of my day. The super awesome trainers, Sarah and Kerry always made my evenings fun and sweaty not just with the "hooks" and "jabs" but with their crazy music choices and loud instructions! Seeing people from all age groups working together, doing this intense workout kept me motivated and encouraged me to push myself harder. It was all because of these two lovely ladies, who not only taught us the skill of kickboxing but taught us all to RESPECT everyone and inspired us that, at the end, all that matters is that we do a GOOD JOB. Thanks a lot Sarah and Kerry for the fun I had because of you for the last 5 months! Keep this energy going and making people stronger every day! - Nand M - 5 star - July 24