Our teaching philosophy:

Our students and instructors all have a collective goal, while simultaneously celebrating each person’s uniqueness and individuality.  As avid fitness enthusiasts, we will provide you with the tools you need to be successful with your fitness journey, which hopefully is a lifelong adventure. You will always leave feeling happier and more empowered than when you walked in! 

If you want to be healthy, you have to move your body.  Period, end of story.  A body in motion stays in motion.  The hardest part really is walking through the door.  

We are all inclusive.  We love knowing that people of all ages, sizes, gender and fitness level can excel at Kickboxing Keene.  It’s rewarding to know how much positive influence we’ve had on people over years, because our workouts are transformational.  There are very few activities that simultaneously work your brain and body, teach you self defense, and which increase your strength, agility and balance.  

Kerry Carlisle, Owner and Instructor:

Passionate instructors mean that our classes are energetic, unique and taught with the knowledge of today’s best fitness practices.

As the primary instructor, I started practicing Martial Arts in 2006, and went on to earn my 2nd Degree Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts (primarily a blend of Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).  Before opening Kickboxing Keene, I also taught martial arts to kids and adults for many years.  

I literally spend hours every week crafting original class plans so that peoples’ bodies and brains never experience the same old thing.  Because instructors participate in every class we teach, it’s as much a benefit to us as it is to you!!  Our stake in the game (better physical and mental health) is the same as yours. 

I am skilled and dedicated with my practice, committed to training our team to bring you the excellence that Kickboxing Keene is known for.  Each instructor brings their own energy and personality, further ensuring that no two classes are the same!  I’m proud to say we have a collaborative approach toward continued improvement. 

I speak for all of our instructors when I say that WE LOVE TO KICKBOX. This is why we participate during the class alongside you, while we're teaching. It helps to preserve our enthusiasm and love for the sport, and further challenges us to make sure our classes (content and music) is fresh and fun. People also like to see us sweating as much as everyone else!!

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