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Kickboxing Keene’s classes combine the calorie torching benefits of kickboxing, with the added bonus of strength training throughout.  This is an instructor-led group class where each individual is encouraged to work at their own skill and fitness level.  We will inspire you to hustle and remind you what your body can do for you.  Because no two classes are the same, your workouts will keep your body guessing for a dynamic and challenging experience. 

  • Format: We will begin with a warm up specific to kickboxing and some light stretching as your muscles heat up.  Each one-hour class is about 75% on the heavy bag, with about 25% strength training.  We will guide you through combinations of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows until you’re dripping with sweat.  We also mix effective strength training (think squats, pushups, bicep curls and much more) to improve your power and help sculpt your muscles.
  • Frequency: For the most benefits to your body, we recommend you attend at least 2 classes per week.  Some students attend 5 classes per week, while others attend twice a month (example). Do what works best with your own schedule and your own life, and we will support you. 
  • Level of Difficulty: Our classes are designed so that ALL FITNESS LEVELS ARE WELCOME.  This is a heavy bag workout and there is NO PERSON TO PERSON CONTACT.  

Please expect rockin’ music and a fun vibe that’s always positive and empowering! 

“Instructor always provides a high powered, energetic and dynamic class that focuses on all different combinations and muscle groups!  Thanks for another awesome class!”-- PL, 2021

  • Thanks for having us tonight. What a great way to release stress and get in a Full body workout. I had a blast & am already feeling it ( ha ha) :-) . I am going to have to find more time and maybe stop in every now and then. - Stef W - 5 star - June 3, 2014
  • I love it here!! Everyone is super friendly and helpful and you get an awesome workout! Plus the pricing can't be beat ? - Jenny M - 5 star - December 17, 2016
  • Completely enjoying my experience at Kickboxing Keene! I'm up here visiting my dad for a couple of weeks and was able to do a two-week pass here. The instructor and owner Kerry is AMAZING and she is giving my work out just the little bit more of a kick (pun intended!) thank I usually give myself so I'm really going to miss her when I go back to Florida! - Rachelle S - 5 star - September 27
  • Nothing quite like it in the area; strength, cardio, flexibility, power and plyometrics all in one hour; all of the exercises are broken down so that any body type, skill level, or fitness level can participate. Get out that aggression in a positive way while improving my health? Yes please. More like this! - Arian D - 5 star - June 3, 2015